Tuesday, April 1, 2008

evaluating peers

For the second simulated teaching, we are required to evaluate our peers who are presenting their teaching. There are several aspects that we need to give attention. Their preparation, teaching aids, language, flow of activities and other things. This task has some benefits that it gives us a chance to monitor others and to revise our preparation of presentation.
In my opinion, my peers were doing just fine and very well prepared. They moved on from one stage to another with a smooth flow. Besides that, the use of teaching aids in set induction were all interesting. They knew how to grab students' attention by selecting appropriate and enjoyable video clips or other aids, but many of us used video clips. Communication skills between teacher and students was one aspect that I looked upon during their presentation. Many of them were able to interact with the students by asking for feedback and responses. 'Students' enjoyed themselves by participating in this teaching activity and gave cooperation or support for each others.
Even though there were some mistakes but it is common since we were still in our learning process and could not be perfect. Miss Baiti gave some comments and made some correction. Indirectly, we could learn and know what did she expect from us. Overall, it was a great effort by they all. I hoped after I have observed their teaching activities, I would be able to learn something to enhance my presentation later. I realise that interaction is one important skill in teaching and I need to put in some effort to enhance my skills.

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Izzatul Hazwani Saimin said...

knowing that you will be evaluated not only by your tutor, but also your friends; it makes me feel terrible. unfortunately, my partner and i were the first presenter. it is a fate to be the first as you can not gain information and confidence from others.at the end of the session, i realized that, being evaluated is something that is very useful. you can actually improve yourself and learn from the comment. therefore, i agree with you that; communication between the teacher and the students is very crucial to ensure the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. besides, during the micro teaching session, we can discover that there are many medium can be used during the induction as most of my friend manipulates power point presentation, trailer, video and clip video of a song in order to attract students' interest. all in all, i realize that there are still many things to be taken in order to improve my teaching skills.