Wednesday, April 2, 2008

3o Days in September

This is the last play that we have to learn. Uniquely, this story is from Indian society while the previous plays are from West. From the title, I predicted that the time span is within the 30 days in September. However, it is wrong. Compared to other plays, I managed to complete the whole acts at the first reading. How amazing! It implies that the language and the storyline are fascinating enough for a lazy bun like me. Besides, this play deals an issue that is easy to understand and rampantly occurs in our surrounding-sexual abuse on child.
As Sir Edwin discussed the play with the whole class, I gained confident as most of my understanding of the play was right. There is not much clashes between Sir Edwin’s explanation and my prior understanding. After all, the play is easy as Sir Edwin himself has stated. I am glad that we learn this play. There are certain new techniques in staging a play such as two acting stages are simultaneously staged side by side. The actors and actresses take their turns in speaking their lines.
I rate four stars for this play.

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