Monday, March 31, 2008

watching theatre

On last 22nd March, I went for a theater at KLPAC at Sentul. This is a requirement of this course, otherwise we will be penalized. By 2pm, we were already there to watch a theater entitled ‘Uncut, Untitled, Paper House’. This is a compilation of the three plays. According to the synopsis that we read beforehand, Uncut covers the theme of censorship in Malaysia, while Uncut is about chasing one’s dreams as an artist. Paper House, the last play, discusses Chinese culture. The first surprise I received is that the audience space is actually small. All this while I thought it would be large and grand, the staffs would be wearing formal attire and there are protocols to follow. Maybe at other places than KLPAC my expectations would be true
Another new discovery is the props used were only boxes arranged on the floor. The actors themselves will arrange according to their position. At one time, the boxes functioned as props for example the stove, at other time they were put up as another props such as bench or bed. The real items were also not required, the actors would just imitate that they were holding or using the items. I was quite amazed with the techniques and realized that there are actually many interesting ways to bring a play to stage. When the light was totally off to initiate the play, I became nervous and could not wait to watch it. The actors were really close in front of our eyes; we were just able to monitor their facial expression. As time went by, I was really indulged in it and did not realize how time flew fast. For me, watching that theatre was worth my time and money. I really hope I could go for another theatre next time.

Friday, March 14, 2008

discussion on Antony and cleopatra

We continued discussing this text. Just like the first part of this text,
I was still not familiar with the language. Many of the words were challenging for my
understanding and it disrupted my flow of reading. This is the biggest challenge I ever had in reading literature text in my course.
To cope with this problem, I jotted down every single explanation from Sir Edwin and I had to stay alert all the time. However, I did not truly comprehend the plot of this text. At times i did not understand why certain event happened and why suddenly another events took place. Quite a few time I asked my friend who sat beside me. I determined to reread this text to deepen my understanding and answer my confusion on the flow of the story.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Antony appeared, Oedipus vanished

After Oedipus Rex, we moved on to Antony and Cleopatra.  The text is rather challenging, i think.
Sir Edwin has advised us to read the text first before referring to notes or summaries through
internet etc. I tried to follow the advice and I ended up suffering for having no clue about text i was reading.  When the first lesson on Antony and Cleopatra started then only i had a clear view of what is it all about.  This  is the story between two different states with different ideology-Rome and Egypt.  Antony is depicted to be impressed by the pleasure in Egypt compared to 
discipline and war-like in Rome.  I think he has lost the greatness a warrior usually have by
succumbing to Cleopatra and abandoning his hometown's affair.  Quite a disappointment for
a general to behave the way he commits.  This text is complicated in a way that what is written
or spoken is not what is actually meant or intended.  Cleopatra asks Antony to  listen to the news
brought by the messenger while she actually is distorted with the arrival of the messenger and
would prefer Antony to neglect him.  
  Half through the book, Sir Edwin called it a day and we will continue next Wednesday.  How glad
i was for i was not feeling well but i toughen myself to attend this lecture.

my simulated teaching

finally, after most of my classmates have presented their simulated teaching, now it is my turn.  
many of them were being very creative and many have used multimedia presentation.  i on  the other hand only showed some pictures i searched through internet using power point presentation.
i did not speak very much for i was quite nervous to be standing all alone in front of the class.  miss
baiti commented t
hat i have mixed up between pre-reading and while-reading activities.  fine,
at least that was the only thing she criticised.  i hope i have done the right thing.  however,
there is still another simulated teaching assigned for us. fortunately we were given a choice either
individual or pair assignment.  of course
i chose to do the pairing, with Nor Izyan Ahmad.