Monday, February 25, 2008

oedipus with sir edwin

after we did exercises on oedipus with miss baiti, now we have the chance to study the drama more thoroughly with sir edwin.  within two hours we were given better insight and knowledge 
about oedipus.  He is still  the same pitiful man that is victimised by the sad fate.  it is very sad for a king to be abdicated from his throne for something not his own fault.  sir edwin went 
through almost every 
important part in this drama and elaborated almost lines by lines.  the symbols especially hands were imparted and this is one part i have not realised all this while.  since this is the one and only time we were taught about oedipus, many of us paid great attention.  More importantly, we could clarify certain things which we may have been confused beforehand.
  next time, we will be studying Antony n Cleopatra..


Sunday, February 10, 2008

simulated teaching

Miss Baiti assigned us with simulated teaching. She demonstrated what we were ought to do, which are set induction and pre-reading activities.some of us confused that those two activities are similar, or should only be referred to under one activity. I have difficulty in designing an activity because I am not creative. Throughout the week I struggled to find interesting activities, but still failed to find one.