Monday, March 31, 2008

watching theatre

On last 22nd March, I went for a theater at KLPAC at Sentul. This is a requirement of this course, otherwise we will be penalized. By 2pm, we were already there to watch a theater entitled ‘Uncut, Untitled, Paper House’. This is a compilation of the three plays. According to the synopsis that we read beforehand, Uncut covers the theme of censorship in Malaysia, while Uncut is about chasing one’s dreams as an artist. Paper House, the last play, discusses Chinese culture. The first surprise I received is that the audience space is actually small. All this while I thought it would be large and grand, the staffs would be wearing formal attire and there are protocols to follow. Maybe at other places than KLPAC my expectations would be true
Another new discovery is the props used were only boxes arranged on the floor. The actors themselves will arrange according to their position. At one time, the boxes functioned as props for example the stove, at other time they were put up as another props such as bench or bed. The real items were also not required, the actors would just imitate that they were holding or using the items. I was quite amazed with the techniques and realized that there are actually many interesting ways to bring a play to stage. When the light was totally off to initiate the play, I became nervous and could not wait to watch it. The actors were really close in front of our eyes; we were just able to monitor their facial expression. As time went by, I was really indulged in it and did not realize how time flew fast. For me, watching that theatre was worth my time and money. I really hope I could go for another theatre next time.


Shamimi Haniza said...

Even though i went to watched the theatre before you, i still experience the same. I really amazed with everything in that teathre. I watched a Malay theatre in Istana Budaya before this and as Dr. Edwin said, nothing to be proud with just to watch a Malay theatre in Istana Budaya. That true! The experience that i gather in KLPAC is marvelous. At the gate itself i feel that the place is so convinience and beautiful. I agree with Kausar because when i enter the hall, i surprised because the are only a few seat and the audience seat in three dimencial. I really thought that there will be a stage and quite a far distance between the actor and the audience. The use of props also very minimal and the way the actor miming the action like drinking water and watch DVD is really make me indulge. I really hope that i can go to watch theatre again and maybe this time i want to try Actor Studio Bangsar to feel the different.

nor ayuni said...

Watching theatre is probably the most interesting moment for all of us. Experience, experience, experience. That’s what we need as a student. Trying everything and went through various stages of learning is such a memorable experience. No money can buy, but it worth more than anything.
I agree with you; watching a theatre really worth time and money. Unlike a movie, we can always watch it again and again on TV’s and CD’s but a theatre has no recording at all. Fells like being special, right?
And of course, where’s the will, that’s the way…. We can always go for theatre if we want to since that we already knew how to get there!

Siti Zawiyah said...

As it was the first time for me to step into the theatre show, I might have some expectation in my mind. The expectation is similar like you, Kausar. But everything was changed after watching the theatre. Imagine! By using some boxes as a prop, you can make the theatre alive. People enjoy watching the play and the messages are successfully delivered to the audience. I also think people who enjoy watching the theatre are those who are really obsessed on the art and around the age of forty. However, it was not true. Even kids have came to watch the play and laughed together. It was amazing!
Among three plays, I like the Paper House than the others. Although, the play is emphasized more on Chinese culture, the injection of homuor really attract my attention and gives a clear view about the message in the play.
I hope I will have the opportunity to watch the theatre again.