Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Evaluation by others

On last Friday on March 29th , it was my turn to present simulated teaching. I was doing it with a partner, Nor Izyan Ahmad. The literary element that we have chosen was Cleopatra's character trait in Antony and Cleopatra. As usual, I was quite nervous and fearful that I may get negative feedback from my peers.
As I started the set induction which was only using pictures in Power Point slide show, I was glad that some of my peers gave response and feedback to my questions. They expressed their agreement when I asked for that towards one statement. They also raised their hands and actively voiced their opinion as I went along with my Power Point presentation. When I resumed my task which was on last questions in while reading stage, they still gave cooperation.
From the evaluation forms that they have returned to me, I did not find any negative comments or errors in my activities. Overall, it was a positive support from my peers. Miss Baiti did not give any comments and she went on with next presenters. Hopeful I have done the right thing and did not miss any important points to consider in simulated teaching.

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Anonymous said...

it is not easy to evaluate people as our lecturer did. it just because we are really get used with to it. just want to share my opinion. i do care what my friends are about to say on my simulated teaching. i need their support and response on how my teaching skills. but one thing that i felt upset a bit that not all paying attention to me. when i get the response, it just written 'ok' 'fine' 'good' etc. in what way it is ok, fine or good. i need the response...huhuhu