Friday, March 14, 2008

discussion on Antony and cleopatra

We continued discussing this text. Just like the first part of this text,
I was still not familiar with the language. Many of the words were challenging for my
understanding and it disrupted my flow of reading. This is the biggest challenge I ever had in reading literature text in my course.
To cope with this problem, I jotted down every single explanation from Sir Edwin and I had to stay alert all the time. However, I did not truly comprehend the plot of this text. At times i did not understand why certain event happened and why suddenly another events took place. Quite a few time I asked my friend who sat beside me. I determined to reread this text to deepen my understanding and answer my confusion on the flow of the story.


Yvonne Lee said...

I agree with you that "Antony and Cleopatra" is a difficult text to comprehend. I also face the same difficulties when reading this text, as I am also not familiar with the language used by Shakespeare. But to solve this problem, i went on to the internet to find more information about the play and read the notes from the information. I also find reading this text more than twice help me in understanding the flow and sequence of events in this text. Nevertheless, this play is a very interesting play, where we must learn to accept the consequences of our actions, no matter good or bad.

Nor Izyan Ahmad said...

Here, I got one suggestion on how you could improve your comprehension on the play.Initially, I also face the same problem similar to you as the language and the storyline is quite confused. However, I managed to go through with it when I reread the book for the second time. Here are what I had done : Firstly, on the first reading, you had to ignore all the information found on the bottom of the text. Only on the second reading, you can focus the attention on the details found in the text. The rationale of this step is to create thinking skill and give the idea on what the whole story is all about before you can comprehend the entire play. It is worthy when you spend extra time to read the play for several times. Hopefully, you can apply it on your next reading. Thank you..