Sunday, March 2, 2008

Antony appeared, Oedipus vanished

After Oedipus Rex, we moved on to Antony and Cleopatra.  The text is rather challenging, i think.
Sir Edwin has advised us to read the text first before referring to notes or summaries through
internet etc. I tried to follow the advice and I ended up suffering for having no clue about text i was reading.  When the first lesson on Antony and Cleopatra started then only i had a clear view of what is it all about.  This  is the story between two different states with different ideology-Rome and Egypt.  Antony is depicted to be impressed by the pleasure in Egypt compared to 
discipline and war-like in Rome.  I think he has lost the greatness a warrior usually have by
succumbing to Cleopatra and abandoning his hometown's affair.  Quite a disappointment for
a general to behave the way he commits.  This text is complicated in a way that what is written
or spoken is not what is actually meant or intended.  Cleopatra asks Antony to  listen to the news
brought by the messenger while she actually is distorted with the arrival of the messenger and
would prefer Antony to neglect him.  
  Half through the book, Sir Edwin called it a day and we will continue next Wednesday.  How glad
i was for i was not feeling well but i toughen myself to attend this lecture.

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